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The patient's needs are at the center of everything that we do. Our goal is to improve  hearing, to help with communication, relationships with friends and family and to achieve an overall improvement in our patient's quality of life. 

Gregory J. Artz MD

Otologist, Neurotologist & Skull Base Surgeon

  • Founder of CI Specialists of West Michigan

  • Director of Hearing Center @ Grand Rapids ENT

  • Chief of Otolaryngology @ Mercy Hospital - Grand Rapids, MI

  • Cochlear Implant Surgeon at  Spectrum Health

  • Director of Vestibular Testing @ Mary Free Bed Hospital

  • Adjunct Faculty - MSU School of Medicine

  • Adjunct Faculty - Saints Mary Hospital - Internal Medicine Residency

Personal Info

2019 Certification - ACIS (advanced cochlear implant surgeon)

 from the Institute of Cochlear Implant Training 

(Only Surgeon in West Michigan with this certification)

About CI Specialists


Meet Our Team

Jodi Walczak

Director of Audiology at Grand Rapids ENT

Nora Lignell

C0-Director of CI programing

Tammy Thelen

Co-Director of CI programing


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