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I think patients can feel more comfortable about their doctor and the care they get when they a little bit about the doctor caring for them. Getting to know my patients and finding out a bit about their personal life means a lot to me, so to help patient know me better, here is some info and me, where I am from and what makes me who I am.

My Story:

I was born in Tarrytown, NY (a suburb of NYC) while my dad worked as a Patent Attorney in Manhattan.  My Mom is a retired speech therapist and I have 2 older brother. Our family moved to Bloomfield Hills, MI when I was 2 years old. I excelled in Tennis and Soccer in High School at CranBrook-Kingswood and was fortunate enough to win multiple state championship in Varsity Tennis as both as individiual and as a team. I went on play Varsity Tennis at the University of Michigan from 1991-1994, and I graduated from U of M in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in military history, and a minor in pre-med studies. 

I matriculated at Wayne State University -School of Medicine and met my future wife who was a classmate of mine. She is a successful Emergency Medicine phyisician by training and now has the pleasure of working for Specrtrum Health in Grand Rapids, and has several roles; She is the Director of the Department of Lifestyle Medicine, She head the division of Culinary Medicine and also plays a lead role in telemedicine as Spectrum and for a few years ran the SpectrumHealthNow online triage line.

Together we have 3 beautiful girls who are just a joy. They are healthy, smart and very happy children that are a pleasure to be with. We love to travel, ski out west and in general be active. Prior to arriving in West Michigan to practice Otolaryngology, we lived in New Zealand for 12 months. It was an opportunity for all of us to live in a different country, experience a different culture and see the world.  It was an experience of lifetime and one of the best years of our lives as a family.

Between work and family, there is not a lot of time for personal interests, but I do like to run, play golf and be active. I actively practice Iyengar Yoga and a being believer in the importance of personal health and also the health of our planet, I eat a plant-based diet and little to no meat or dairy!  I also love watching movies and reading books.





January 2020

 I also recently had the pleasure of going on a medical mission trip to Bangladesh, organized through Spectrum Hospital and an organization called L.E.A.D. which is non-profit company that helps with overseas opportunities.  I learned a lot about the Bengali culture, healthcare system and had the change to collaborate and share information with the ENT surgeons at Kwaja Yunis Ali Medical Center (KYAMCH). 

List of the favorite books that I have recently read:

- The Butcher Art - about Joseph Lister and the era of antiseptsis in surgery. HIGH RECOMMENDATION!!

- Mindsight - David Siegel MD

- Ben Hogan - 5 lessons

- The coddling of the American Mind 

- Killing the SS - Bill O'Reilly

- You Can't Hurt Me - David Goggins.  About a Navy Seal and his story. HIGH RECOMMENDATION!!

- Survival at Aucshwitz - Primo Levi

- A Trail of Ink - Mel Starr (a 12 books series about the chornicles of a midevil surgeon in England) - I have read several!!!

- Grant - Jean Edward Smith -

- The Spy and the Traitor -Real life espionage story about the CIA in the 1980's. HIGH RECOMMENDATION!!

- The Autumn of the Black Snake - story about General A. Wayne and the origins of the U.S. Army

- Astrophysics for people in a Hurry - Neil DeGrasso

- An Arabian Journey - Levison Wood.  HIGH RECOMMENDATION!!

THE CHOPPER OPEN - 2000 - present.

I am fortunate to have a great group of college friends who value friendship and good times. Since 2000, we have been meeting for a long weekend and always at least 1 round of golf.  Every year has been a little bit of a different theme - from Michigan football games in Ann Arbor, and even 1 in Dallas, to baseball games at Wrigley field and for our 20th year we did a full golfing weekend at Pinehurst.


Because we are guys, and sometimes not the most organized during these weekends, we only have a full group photo for 12 of the 20 years.  Here are the 8 best!!

inaugural chopper.jpeg

2000 - Chicago

IMG_2393 (1).jpg

2004 - Chicago

bollingbrook 2008???.jpeg

2008 - Chicago

CO 2009 1.JPG

2009 - Ann Arbor


2011 - Ann Arbor


2014 - Phoenix


2018 - Atlanta


2019 - Pinehurst

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